There are two methods of funding open to you

1) All children over the age of three are entitled to at least 15 hours free funding per week, up to 570 hours over the year for the start of the funding period following their birthday. Funding periods start on 1 January, 1 April and 1 September

  • For some 2 year old children funding is available. Details of this can be found here
  • Your child may be eligable for up to 30 hours of funding as well. Check your eligability and details at the government page

2) If funding is not eligible or additional hours are being taken then fees are paid directly at the cost of £4:00 per hour.

  • You may be entitled to tax free childcare. More details can be found here

The funding forms for claiming your free entitled hours are handed out towards the end of each term and need to be back before the term ends so that you are able to claim your free entitled hours. 

We recognise that the forms can be confusing to complete the first time you receive one and so have a completed example in each setting. This guide from Hampshire may be useful for you to follow.