Our Ethos

As a Christian Preschool we:

  • are inclusive. We welcome families from any faith or belief system.
  • promote equality. We believe that all are equal in the site of God regardless of their gender, class, race, ethnicity, or ability.
  • recognise difference.While all are equal, sometimes additional support, resources or interventions are required to allow children to achieve the same outcomes.
  • promote individuality.Variety and diversity are an indication of a creative God. We don't want all children to turn out the same, but be free to grow into their uniqueness.
  • Demonstrate love.We recognise research that shows children develop best with secure attachments and a culture of nurture rather than shame.

We celebrate the Christian festivals of Christmas, Easter and Harvest and learn about other cultures and heritages that form the backbone of multicultural Britain.

As part of our cultural curriculum we directly support Little Stars pre-school in Sri Lanka and are linked to Acacia Trust in Zimbabwe.